California Wild Saison

For a while now, I have been collecting some bugs to use for my next Saison. As you can see, I have rounded up yeast from a collection of american breweries: Cellerman in San Francisco, Rustic Ales in Soquel, CA, Allagash and Jester King. I also added some of my wild cider yeast from our 2013 strain. However, I am also using one bag of Wyeast 3711 (French Saison). Using the stir plate, I let the starter whirl for about 24 hours


The grain bill was fairly simple, mostly pilsner malt with a small amount of rye and wheat, mashed at 150F. For hops, I used American centennial, simcoe, and fuggles. Original gravity ended up at 1.058.

The beer had a healthy start, violently fermenting when I went to peek at it the following morning. Fermentation temp is 67F