Open Fermentation Experiment #?

OK – I seriously can’t remember how many times I have actually tried to spontaneously ferment beer, and it always came out moldy and actually didn’t ferment. Apples – no problem. But a successful open fermentation of wort has eluded me. until now!!! OK – I admit that it is funky, but most my beers are anyway. You can see the funk though in this one!


It also did have some strange globs of what I assume is bacteria of some kind, but I just tried to skim it of the top. The crazy thing is that it took only 2 weeks to wild ferment a wort with starting gravity of 1.060 to a gravity of 1.010, about the same amount of time it takes using non-wild yeast.


I ended up bottling it without any additional sugar, assuming that the wild yeast will work a little longer and referment in the bottle. stay tuned for my next experiment where I attempt spontaneous fermentation of Twinkies.