Our Beer

ESBC is committed to making the highest quality beer for you to enjoy.

Our brewing philosophy is that by using locally available ingredients, the taste and experience will reflect the beauty of the environment we live in and impart a terroir, or sense of place.

We brew small crafty batches in a 3 BBLs system at our warehouse in Watsonville.

Yeast is harvested from pressing homegrown apples and allowing them to spontaneously ferment. The wild ales are aged in barrels of all kinds and sometimes combined with other local ingredients to make unique and delicious craft beers.

We brew a variety of beers for all beer loving tastes and styles.

Here are some of our favorites:

Mothership -American Rye Oak Barrel Aged Wild Ale. Mothership is our 100% wild rye ale. Fermented from yeast harvested from organically grown estate apples, Mothership is produced annually and used to inoculate oak barrels that will be used for other wild ales. This dry, slightly tart farmhouse blond ale has hints of pepper and lemon, produced from a 9-month long fermentation cycle.

Jewel -Oak Barrel Aged Farmhouse Saison. This sour blond ale is aged in an oak barrel inoculated with our estate yeast. Tart, dry and refreshingly crisp.

BloomField-Similar in color as the rich mahogany red of the back marshes of Elkhorn Slough, Bloomfield is our version of a Scotch style ale.

3 Letter Acronym (3LA)-A California Wild Brown Ale aged in a bourbon barrel, this beer is slightly tart from the wild yeast and bacteria in the barrel. It is similar in style to a Flanders Oud Bruin. This beer won first place in the California State Fair 2014, Belgium and French Ale category.

JuneBug-Our spontaneously fermented California Wild Ale, aged in an oak barrel and re-fermented over estate olallieberries.                                   Slightly funky from the wild yeast and bacteria in the barrel, it is similar in style to a fruited Belgium lambic beer.

LowTide– A farmhouse California ale. Fermented at ambient summer temperatures using a hybrid ale-lager yeast, Low Tide has a rustic, fruity flavor.

BatRay-The bat ray (Myliobatis californica) is found in muddy or sandy sloughs, estuaries and bays, including Elkhorn Slough. We name our west coast style hoppy ale in honor of this beautiful creature. Dry-hopped with Mosaic hops for a balanced floral aroma and mild bitterness.

Moro Cojo – A crafty wheat saison. A tangy tropical balanced blend of sweet and tart, Moro Cojo is a perfect fair weather beer.

DuckBlind – Citrusy rustic IPA, notes of grapefruit and pine

We sell our table beers for $100 for five gallons and $150 for 7.5 gallons. We sell our barrel aged wild beers for $150 for 5 gallons. All beer sales are subject to appropriate sales tax.

 Hope you enjoy our beer as much as we enjoy making it!